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We are father and son freelance carpet fitters based in Oxfordshire and we are happy to help you with all your domestic carpet stretching needs.

Carpet stretching in Oxfordshire

Living in Oxfordshire?
Are your carpets looking wrinkly, wavey, baggy, or loose.

If so they need to be taken up, stretched. trimmed and tightened.

This issue is properly called “fullness” in the carpet trade and is becoming an increasingly common problem nowadays, due mainly to fitting jobs being rushed and carpets not being tensioned tightly enough when first laid.

They look fine when first installed but after a couple of years of use they may become loose, baggy and unsightly.

Usually, Theo and I can reduce the amount of Fullness in a fitted carpet by between 50% and 95% by employing a combination of stretching and glueing, as well as by using a few little tricks of the trade.

Sadly though, despite having over forty years experience of stretching carpets on a weekly basis there are still some carpets that I simply cannot stretch for various reasons. These would account for about 10%-15% of the carpet stretching jobs that I am called in to look at across Oxfordshire.

Nine times out of ten doing these jobs is worthwhile in which case I usually just give an estimate and often, if accepted get on with them there and then.


The vast majority of carpet fitters use the carpet knee kicker for stretching carpets on all their jobs and nothing else.

We use a power stretcher however. It is a much larger and a completely different piece of equipment. It does a much better job of stretching carpets than the knee kicker.

It is particularly effective at tightening loose, baggy carpets. It enables us to stretch a carpet far more than would be possible then when just using a knee kicker on its own.

Please have a look at the galleries page where you can see photos of our power stretcher in use.
Because of its size however it is only suitable for use use in larger areas. Not much good for hallways, smaller rooms etc where the knee kicker is still the tool of choice.


One of the most common questions I am asked when it comes to stretching carpet is “Do we have to move all the furniture out of the room before you come?

The simple answer is no you don’t.

It is simply not practical to ask people to move all the furniture out of a room prior to our arrival and we don t expect it.

As for the larger pieces of furniture sofas, beds, dining tables we often can work around them by moving them down to one end of the room, stretching the empty half and then moving the furniture back to the other end of the room and then stretching the remaining half of the room.

It goes without saying that if you are not able-bodied, i.e elderly, disabled, pregnant or for any other reason not able to move furniture then my son Theo and I will do it for a small extra charge.

Wherever you live in Oxfordshire feel free to give us a call to discuss your carpet stretching needs.

Michel and Theo Roberts.

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If you live in any of the following Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas then we would be happy to help with any small carpet fitting & carpet repair jobs you may have. Just call us for a chat about your requirements.

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