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We are father and son freelance carpet fitters based in Oxfordshire and we are happy to help you with all your domestic carpet repair needs.

Carpet repairs in Oxfordshire

Often repairing fitted carpets can save you hundreds of pounds in easily avoidable carpet replacement costs.

It is expensive and not usually necessary to replace an entire fitted carpet simply because a small part of it is damaged or worn. A little bit of old fashioned make do and mend can often go a long way.

Over the last forty years I have carried out thousands of carpet repairs, mainly and in no particular order.

  • 1. Fixing of damage from Iron burns, cigarette burns, hair dryers, stains and moths.
  • 2. Carpets pulling and fraying away from doorbars and walls.
  • 3. Cutting out and patching of damage caused by pets. Often a result of cats and dogs being inadvertently shut into rooms and trying to get out.
  • 4. Frequently we are asked to use spare carpet to fill in gaps left by the removal of fitted furniture or fireplaces.


Loose, damaged or worn stair carpets don’t always have to be completely replaced simply because of a problem with just a step or two. As long as you have some leftover offcuts there is a lot we can do to cut out and replace worn steps.
Depending upon how much spare material is available we can replace the whole flight or just the worn treads.

Stair carpets that are working loose and coming off the carpet gripper underneath that holds them are very dangerous as you will already know if you have this problem. Often they don t need to be replaced, just tightened.
Other times we will take the carpet up and completely refit it properly. It just depends on what we find.


If your carpets are loose and baggy then they need to be stretched. We have a separate carpet stretching page dealing with this issue for you to have a look at.


Theo and I are happy too carry out small carpet repairs throughout Thames Valley, the whole of Oxfordshire as well as in the neighbouring districts of Wycombe, South Bucks and The Chilterns.

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Where we work

If you live in any of the following Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas then we would be happy to help with any small carpet fitting & carpet repair jobs you may have. Just call us for a chat about your requirements.

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