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Carpet fitting, carpet repairs & carpet stretching throughout Oxfordshire & South Buckinghamshire


We are a family business established in 1974 of father and son carpet fitters who fit, repair and relay carpets throughout Oxfordshire


We do not have shop premises and we are not interested in trying to sell you a new carpet.

Our service is to work from home, visiting our customers in their own homes across Oxfordshire (and also the Southern half of Buckinghamshire) to fit, relay and repair the existing carpets that they may already have. They could be brand new carpets or pre-used carpets. My son Theo and I really don’t mind working with either.


We really do welcome even the smallest of jobs. We simply fit them in around other work when we are next in your area. No problem at all.


Maybe you have brought a new carpet from the Internet and are looking for a freelance carpet fitter to lay it for you.

We do a lot of this kind of work, as many people find they save a lot of money buying new carpets this way. These types of jobs probably account for about 30% of our workload.


Many people don t need or want to buy a new carpet.

Perhaps the carpets you already have down are basically fine, with plenty of wear left in them. They might just need some attention from a carpet fitter for one reason or another to extend their useful life.

They might be loose, baggy and wrinkly. Needing to be stretched and tightened. Please read our carpet stretching page for more information on this service.

They could have been taken up for building works and not been properly relaid ( if at all) by the builders when they were finished. With them still needing a bit of ‘Sorting out’.

You may have had new fitted wardrobes installed and been left with the carpets and underlay rolled back and be in need of a carpet fitter to come and relay them for you.

We are happy to help you with all these types of jobs and they account for approximately another 30 % of our work load across Oxfordshire.


The last third of our workload is taken up with all types of small repairs to fitted carpets that have been damaged or are needing patching or fixing for a variety of reasons.

For example replacing a single worn tread on a flight of carpeted stairs with a spare piece of left over carpet is a great way to give it all a few more years of life.

Fixing carpet burns, stains, pet damage, tears, rips and carpets pulling away from door bars is all part of our daily work. Please see our dedicated carpet repair page to find out more.


Oxfordshire is a large and widely spread out county.

To save time for us and costs for you we tend to group 2 or 3 jobs together to do in the same area on the same day. Working for example in the Cherwell district one day, then in The Vale of White Horse district the next.

In this way from our home in Oxford even very small carpet repair jobs can be done without a lot of driving, saving us time and you money.

This also applies to carpet fitting and repair jobs in Thames Valley, The Chilterns, South Bucks and Wycombe to the east, as well as West and South Oxfordshire.

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Where we work

If you live in any of the following Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas then we would be happy to help with any small carpet fitting & carpet repair jobs you may have. Just call us for a chat about your requirements.

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